Newfield Exp. Co. – EI 318 “A” Development – 240FS

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Project consisted of refurbishment of the existing WD 102 “G” tripod jacket and deck to be used in a two well development at EI 318 in 240’ of water. Refurbished platform supported a 30 MMSCFD gas production facility. Production flowed through a newly installed 400’ 6” pipeline to a 6” x 16” hot tap on an existing ANR pipeline. RCI provided overall project management of this development from conception estimates and schedules to final commissioning.

Project Management Scope of Work:

  • Development planning, costing & scheduling
  • Bid package development, distribution and evaluation
  • Oversight of refurbishment of jacket and deck
  • Oversight of refurbishment of facilities
  • Management of pipeline installation, and pre-commissioning hook up

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