bpTT Seismic & Structural Walkdown Assessment

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RCI conducted a seismic walk-through assessment of bpTT’s Galeota and Beachfield facilities in the act of assessing the seismic preparedness of the terminals. The walk-through review emphasizes the primary seismic load resisting elements, and the potential areas of weakness due to design, construction, or modification practices, and due to corrosion. A special emphasis was placed on details that may have been designed without consideration of seismic loads. Additionally, RCI provided a structural walk-through assessing the conditions of primary and secondary steel work, concrete structural components and safety critical components with regards to personnel, piping, equipment, and environmental safety.

Scope of Work:

  • Inspect and assess both the Galeota and Beachfield Facilities.
  • Submit inspection reports and presentations for further review.
  • Submit recommendations and mitigations based on a priority scheme and categorize according to safety or operational concerns.

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