Virginia Natural Gas - Hampton Roads Crossing

Project Details & RCI Activities:

Project Date: October 2006
Location: Hampton Roads Bay, Virginia

Inspection and consultation associated with a 24" pipeline crossing of the Hampton Roads Harbor utilizing five (5) horizontal directional drilled segments. Three (3) segments were water-to-water pulls with each segment connected via buried spool piece connections. Each drilled pipeline segment was welded and assembled onshore and floated to the boring pull location. Because of the project challenges, the installation contractor experienced many difficulties in completing the scope of work on this high profile project. RCI was hired by Virginia Natural Gas to support their interest in management of this contract.

Inspections and Consulting Scope of Work:

  • Review/critique installation procedures and plans
  • Provide reviews of installation engineering analyses
  • Provide consultation on regulatory agency interface
  • Inspection of field activites and equipment
  • Inspection of welding activities
  • Inspection of gauging and hydrotesting of pipeling
  • Inspection of all diving activities
  • Assembly and vetting of field documentation to meet DOT requirements
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